About us

Mission and values

To develop innovative and responsible leaders capable of bringing about positive change in the business world and beyond. We are committed to providing a quality education that combines theory and practice.

Integrity: We promote honesty and ethics in all our teaching.

Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest standards in our teaching and research.

Innovation: We encourage creative thinking and innovation among our students and our school.

Our teaching and student mentoring is carried out by a team of university professors at Masters & PhD level, of different nationalities; experts and practitioners from the business world.


The diversity of our teaching staff’s profiles, combined with their interactive and participative teaching approach, guarantees a high level of academic learning, in line with the realities of the field.


Today, IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL is reaping the rewards of a policy of academic excellence. This policy is based on its noble mission and strong values inculcating rigor, responsibility, innovation, autonomy and ethics in learners. »

Who we are?

Our history

Founded in 2017, IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL began as a small institute dedicated to business studies and continuing education. Over the years, it has evolved into an institution recognized for its excellence in business and economics, with programs expanding to Bachelor’s, then Master’s and Doctorate levels.


We’re proud of our graduate employment rate within two years of graduation, and of our network of alumni working in various sectors around the world.

We work 100% online and our virtual campus (website) offers technological and academic advantages. IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL’s administrative office is located in the USA at « 3107 Spring Glen Rd Ste 209 Jacksonville FL 32207″ ; in Haiti at « 6 bis, rue St François, Cité Militaire, Port-au-Prince; And Morocco: BP No 871 AL MASOURIA BOUZNIKA 28815.



IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL is incorporated in the State of Florida in the USA with number: N24000007464 and registered with the DGI in Haiti with registration number: 000-077-241-0 and is accredited in the USA by the accreditation agency ACTD (American Council of Training and Development) via accreditation number: GNA155N and verification code: AC2402N97DM. This certifies that IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL‘s training programs (Bachelor’s, Master’s & Doctorate) meet the required standards and accreditation for Diplomas and Program Certificates is granted.


Accreditation of ACTD institutions aims to prove that the institution has met the international standards set by ACTD, leading to increased credibility for its training programs.

ACTD is an independent board established in the United States of America and licensed by the New Jersey Secretary of State. It provides training development services, training programs, course and professional program supervision, and accreditation and assessment services for training institutions and trainers worldwide.

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IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL is also a member of the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (formerly AAHE) with membership certificate number: 12162023-1

AAHEA is the oldest association in the United States dedicated to the advancement of higher education. AAHEA has literally set the standards for higher education in the United States for 140 years through our research, publications, conferences and partnerships. AAHEA’s primary function is to ensure and enhance academic quality and continuous quality improvement of university courses, programs and degrees. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes AAHEA as a higher education organization.

AAHEA has a long tradition of assuring quality, accountability and improvement in higher education. AAHEA membership affirms that membership standards and processes are consistent with AAHEA’s expectations of quality, improvement and accountability.


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IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL is also recognized by the Accreditation Commission of California University (USA) with the number: CUC944-03-2624. 

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 Pr. Dr. Edelin MANGNAN

Executive Director at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL

Pr. Dr. Guitho NICHOLAS

Director of International Relations at  IPES.

Pr. Dr. Yasin BOUANANI

Program Director at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL

Ms. Sandia DORVAL

Executive Secretary at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL


Senior Lecturer (HDR) / Jury and Evaluation Chairman at IPES

M. Vital-Herne ZEPHY

Marketing Manager at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL


Communication and Mobilization Manager at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL

 M. Marc Esdras MANGNAN


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