The Research Team in Management (ERM) at IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL aims to promote excellence in management research. Our goal is to develop innovative and relevant knowledge that addresses contemporary challenges faced by businesses and organizations while contributing to the training of future leaders and management experts. ERM is committed to producing high-quality research, disseminating research findings through publications and conferences, and establishing partnerships with academic and industrial stakeholders.


Excellence: Produce innovative and high-quality research in various areas of management.

Practical Impact: Translate research findings into applicable and useful managerial practices for businesses.

Training and Development: Contribute to the training of students and professionals in management through research projects and collaborations.

Strategic Partnerships: Establish collaborations with academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies to enrich research projects.

Knowledge Dissemination: Regularly publish in renowned academic journals and participate in international conferences.


Research Projects:

Develop and support research projects in management, covering areas such as strategy, innovation, human resource management, and leadership.

Encourage interdisciplinary research to address complex and multidimensional problems.

Publications and Conferences:

Submit articles to leading academic journals.

Participate in and present research findings at international conferences.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

Establish partnerships with other universities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations.

Create research networks to facilitate knowledge and resource exchange.

Supervision and Mentorship:

Supervise master’s and doctoral students in their research work.

Offer mentorship programs for young researchers and new team members.

Seminars and Workshops:

Organize regular seminars and workshops to discuss research advances and new trends in management.

Invite international experts to share their experiences and knowledge.

Funding and Grants:

Actively seek funding and grants to support research projects.

Manage resources efficiently to maximize the impact of the research.

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