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Welcome to the IPES BUSINESS SCHOOL donation page. Your support is essential to help us offer quality online education and support our students and academic projects.

Why make a donation?

Your donations allow us to :

– Provide scholarships.

– Develop new online courses and programs.

– Enhance our digital educational platforms and resources.

How to make a donation?

By bank transfer or deposit :

Bank information

-Banque de l’Union Haïtienne (BUH)

-Account name: IPES

-Account number : USD: 55000054568

-Account no. : HTG: 55000054557

-Swift code :BUHEHTPPXX

-Swift code (8 carats) : BUHEHTPP

-Bank branch code : XXX


NB: By supporting us financially, you will benefit from:

1: Public Recognition by mentioning your name in publications, newsletters, Magazine and on the school website.

2. A Digital Plaque with your name 

3. Special access to certain events, conferences or seminars organized by the school.

4. Reports detailing how the donation has been used and the impact it has had on the school’s projects and programs.

5. Invitations to exclusive events, such as galas, receptions or graduation ceremonies.

6. Appointment of Programs or Scholarships in your honor, if the donation is substantial.

7. A certificate of recognition or honorary award to thank you for your support.

8. Networking opportunities with other donors and school partners.

9. A free subscription to the school’s publications or copies of reports and studies.

10. The opportunity to take part in training courses or workshops organized by the school.

Contact and information

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Tel/Whatsapp : (509)37221144

Thank you for your support

Make a donation today and contribute to the future of online education.

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