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Initiative Professionnelle d’Entrepreneuriat Social

Initiative Professionnelle d’Entrepreneuriat Social  aspires to become a key player in sustainable development in Haiti, inspiring and supporting social entrepreneurs to create innovative and sustainable solutions that meet community needs.

Our mission is to:
– Promote social entrepreneurship as a driver of positive change.
– Provide resources, training, and support necessary for entrepreneurs to develop sustainable businesses.
– Facilitate partnerships between public, private, and community sectors to maximize social impact.
– Encourage a culture of social responsibility and sustainable development within the community.

1. Encourage social innovation: Identify and support entrepreneurial projects that offer innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges.
2. Capacity building: Offer training and mentoring programs to improve the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of participants.
3. Create a support network: Establish a network of partners and mentors to accompany entrepreneurs in their projects.
4. Measure impact: Evaluate the social and environmental impact of supported projects to ensure their contribution to sustainable development.
5. Awareness and advocacy: Promote the values and practices of social entrepreneurship through awareness campaigns and advocacy activities.

Workshops and training: Organize training sessions on social entrepreneurship, project management, and sustainable development.
Mentoring programs: Connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors to guide them in their entrepreneurial journey.
Access to funding: Facilitate access to funding for social entrepreneurship projects through partnerships with investors and financial institutions.
Community events: Participate in and organize community events to promote sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.
Research and development: Conduct research on best practices in social entrepreneurship and share findings with the community.


1- Opportunities for Djiboutian Youth (OFDY) 


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